How Much does Rubbish Removal Cost in London?

rubbish removal cost

Rubbish Removal London is London’s most reputable residential rubbish disposal service. Waste collection is handled in a professional and environmentally responsible manner by us. We ensure that all of our customers in London receive first-rate house and garden rubbish disposal services at competitive pricing.

Estimates, fees, and charges. They’re the topics that no one wants to bring up until the very last second. Rubbish Removal London, on the other hand, strives to be as transparent as possible when it comes to waste removal. So, let’s have a look at how much does rubbish removal cost.

Let’s see how much does rubbish removal cost in Rubbish Removal London

Compared to other competitive waste clearance companies, Rubbish Removal London offers very competitive prices. The services we provide do not contain any hidden fees. parking fees, parking fines, and congestion fees are not charged to you. our prices are listed in the chart below.


Cubic Yards Labour Allowance (T&C Apply) Weight Allowance Price (Ex-VAT)
1 5 mins 0.1 tonne £50.00
2 10 mins £70.00
3 15 mins £90.00
4 15 mins 0.5 tonne £120.00
5 20 mins £135.00
6 25 mins £150.00
7 30 mins 1.0 tonne £170.00
8 35 mins £190.00
9 40 mins £210.00
10 45 mins 1.25 tonne £240.00
11 50 mins £250.00
12 55 mins £270.00
13 60 mins 1.5 tonne £280.00


Extra Labor – If needed, we can give 60 minutes of extra labour time for £50. (Before we begin, we can confirm whether more labour time is required.) Discounts – For Builders, Regular Customers, and Large Jobs, we provide discounts.

Task Task(Ex-VAT)
Extra Labour £10.00 per 10 mins
Air conditioning units £75.00 each
Domestic Fridges £50.00 each
Commercial Fridges £80.00 – £140.00
Car Tyres £10.00 each
Truck & Tractor Tyres £70.00 each
Monitors / TV’s / Microwaves £10.00 each
Fluorescents Tubes £2.00 each
Paint – per 5L £5.00
Mattress £15 each
Car Battery / UPS Battery £10 each

Some of the Other services and charges

XL trucks can be ordered based on your needs. Clearance of the house the cost of a full load was roughly £300 including VAT. We charge by weight (about 45-50 bags) for complete loads of heavy mixed building materials such as dirt, rubble, tiles, bricks, plasterboards, heavy wood, wet wood, and so on. All of our prices are determined by the weight and amount of the garbage. Repeat clients are eligible for special discounts. Depending on the property, the price may differ. For further information, please contact us. All of the services listed above are subject to VAT.  Terms & Conditions Apply for Labor Allowance.

rubbish removal cost and charges

Our team is capable of removing all types of domestic waste and debris from anywhere in London. We can accept practically any junk that other rubbish removal companies won’t take. If your item isn’t on our list of services and have doubts about the cost of rubbish removal, give us a call and we’ll take care of it.

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