How much does House Clearance Cost?

house clearance cost

Rubbish Removal London is London’s finest house clearance company. We collect household rubbish in a professional and environmentally responsible manner. We ensure that all of our customers in London receive first-rate house clearance services at reasonable pricing.

The most organized industry property, premises waste clearances, & residence waste clearance in London are offered by our house waste clearance teams. speak to one of our managers and tell us of your needs. I can hear you; you want to how much does house clearance cost in Rubbish Removal London. As you expected, it is lower than other rubbish removal company. We offer a full house clearance service in London, includes flats, bedsits, and bungalows.

We will always make every effort to recycle anything from your house clearing. You can count on our experienced household clearance professionals to quickly and safely remove all of the unwanted household items and trash that are cluttering your living conditions – undesired furniture, thick or heavy items, electronics equipment, medical equipment, construction debris, left-over materials, and anything else that needs to be removed from your home. Everything will be taken care of by us.

House Clearance Cost – Average Price

You’ll be ecstatic with our prices! We also guarantee that no other residential rubbish collectors in London can match our prices. Rubbish London Removal, being a fully licenced rubbish collection company in London, is committed to providing you with the most cost-effective house clearance in London districts.

The tipping/recycling costs are the most expensive expense a legitimate house clearance firm will incur. The cost of emptying a Luton van full of house removal garbage is on average £200-£300 including VAT.

House Clearance Cost for Staff

House Clearance Cost for Staff

Each home that requires clearing is normally visited by three house clearance specialists from our firm.
£220 for 3 x employees, insurance, payee, and pensions

House Clearance Cost for Vehicles

house clearance cost for vehicle

The average daily cost of road tax, insurance, maintenance, and fuel is £95.

Recycling Cost

recycling cost

The cost of recycling general household waste varies significantly; Minimum of one tonne; this can range from £200.00 per tonne depending on the area and recycling station.

Other House Clearance Cost

Waste carriers’ licence, office rent, rates, power, phone and internet, public liability insurance, websites, and accounting costs are all estimated to be around £85 each day. This equates to an estimated cost of roughly £600 + VAT to legally clear a residence.

What Do We Collect?

  • Full House clearance
  •  Garages Lofts and attics
  •  Old carpets
  •  Unwanted items like old sofas, bed
  •  Verminous rubbish
  • General household waste

Full house clearance

A house clearance entails the complete removal of a household’s items. House clearing may also be required by bereaved relatives to empty the home of the recently deceased in order to resell the home, return it to a landlord, or simply assist with the bereavement process. House clearance cost is determined by the work we perform. In comparison to competitors, it will below.

Garages Lofts and attics

Clearing the garage lofts and attics with equipment which was designed only for that. Both Time and cost-efficient.

Old carpets

We have hundreds of ‘van with a van’ rubbish removal crew working across the UK, all ready to assist you with carpet removal as well as any other waste you may wish to dispose of at the same time. Our goal is to remove the hassle out of trash removal and provide you with a cost-effective and convenient option anytime you need it.

Unwanted items like old sofas, beds

Our uniformed crew is smart, pleasant, and professional, and can arrive at a time that is convenient for you, so you don’t have to take time out of your day. When you utilize our furniture removal services in London, you won’t have to lift a finger since we’ll handle all of the loading and heavy lifting for you. Simply give us your instructions, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Verminous rubbish

We recognize that removing rodents from a home can be a difficult task. We can ensure that every rubbish will be recycled 80 percent legally because we are a fully registered company. We will arrive at an agreed-upon date and time that is convenient for our clients. You can count on pristine property clearance to provide you with a professional service at an affordable price with no hidden charges. You will only pay what is quoted as guaranteed.

General household waste

Wet wipes and other non-hazardous cleaning items can be thrown out with your regular trash. This can include things like paper towels and cleaning clothes. Typically, wallpaper and wall coverings are categorized as general garbage. Vacuum dust produced during cleaning is classified as general garbage. We are here to help to clean this kind of waste.

The lower the volume price, the more benefit there is in buying in bulk! You can send us an email or give one of our experienced agents a call on 0203 105 7533 for a preliminary estimate of house clearance cost.

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