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House Clearance In London

House waste includes everything from old bath tubs, damaged sofas, old toys, broken kitchen cutlery, old carpets, fridges, unused shoes, food waste, and so on. The list is simply endless!

Having this kind of waste around your home can pose a health risk, not to mention the clutter it creates in your space. Only a professional waste clearance company like Rubbish Removal London Company can get your residential waste removed fast, safely, and without having to dig so deep into your pocket. 

We have a load of experience serving residents of London and the surrounding areas. Leave us to handle all your residential waste in an efficient and eco friendly manner. We cover more postcodes in London than any other clearance company; give us a call now to find out whether your area is covered.

Quick tips for managing your residential waste in London

1. Take it easy:  Very so often, many home owners worry and stress themselves regarding the best way to dispose of their residential waste. Well, take it easy and relax. It’s absolutely normal to want to dispose of broken furniture, old carpets, electronics, and other residential waste. Ours is to take care of this burden and ease it off your shoulders.

2. Sort the waste: You need to know items that need to be cleared off, and what can be reused or repaired, or donated. Old toys, clothes, and shoes can all be donated to charity or to those that need them. Most furniture pieces can be repaired. The good thing is that by partnering with Rubbish Removal London Company, we can transport whatever needs to be repaired, donated, or recycled. Kitchen and food waste is best used in composting; you can use the compost for your kitchen garden or lawn.

3. Call us: Rubbish Removal London Company is always on standby 24/7, give us a call on 0203 105 7533. Our residential waste removal crews are available for same-day services. We also provide same-day services if needed by our customers. Better still, you can share photos of the residential waste you need to be cleared and from that, we will be able to arrange the next step of the process.

4. Always on time: Imagine calling a waste removal company, and then having to wait for hours for their team to arrive! With Rubbish Removal London Company, our waste clearance teams always arrive on time, ready to get the job done. Residential waste can be bulky and harmful to lift and hoist. Leave it to our crews to do all the hard work for you.

5. Specialized trucks:  All our waste clearance vans and trucks are well equipped to handle any amount or type of residential waste. We can comfortably cart away old sofas, beds, cookers, or even smaller packages like trash bags, garden waste, and so on. Like we aforementioned, you need it cleared, we’ll get it cleared.

6. Value for money:  You don’t have to hire skip services for your residential waste removal in London. Get value for your money by hiring Rubbish Removal London Company, we’ll only charge you for what we collect from your home. All our prices are inclusive of VAT and we don’t have any hidden costs whatsoever.

Rubbish Removal London Company is a fully licensed and accredited residential removal company. All our removal and disposal methods are eco-friendly.

We’re one of the few London waste removal companies that have attained a recycling rate of over 80%.

We’d be glad to work with you, give us a call today and find out why we’re the real pros of residential waste removal. Feel free to tell a friend to tell a friend about our professional and affordable residential waste removal services.                                                  


Hiring a rubbish removal service for your domestic and commercial properties, helps to save your time and energy. There are lots of benefits in hiring a rubbish removal service. Your wastes are safely removed and disposed in a right way. Professional rubbish removal services comfort your place and gives you a clean pollution free environment.

House-owners in London prefers, same -day rubbish removal services to avoid the accumulation of bulk wastes that cause various health issues. Same day rubbish removal services, helps to get rid of waste within a day. Here are some of the benefits of hiring a same-day rubbish removal service in London

1. You can get more spacious living place
2. Secures your health and ensures safety
3. Cost effective
4. Proper disposing
5. Time-saving process.

The cost of rubbish removal services depends on which rubbish removal services you decide for removing your trashes. There are handful of professional rubbish removal services in London, however the pricing and rating vary among them. So, the cost will be fixed based on type of your rubbish and volume of rubbishes you are having. To know about the exact price details call: “0203 105-7533”

You all know the importance of rubbish removal, at the same time handling such rubbish removal by own is time consuming and difficult process. we all contribute on generating wastes in some way, but it can be hard to get rid of them. Whether you are cleaning your residential property, renovating your business palace, removing rubbishes can be a difficult process. Hiring a rubbish removal service in London is the best option.

Advantages of Hiring rubbish removal London

1. Fast and safety services
2. Proper disposal
3. Know how to collect hazardous wastes
4. Environmental free waste clearance service
5. They have own equipment with large trash bins to collect wastes.

Lets have a look, what will included in the cost break-up of rubbish removal services. It is important to understand what’s included and what isn’t included in the rubbish removal cost before booking. While booking you should ask

  • Free quotes and ask about any hidden fees
  • Types of rubbish they collect
  • Check whether they offer same-day rubbish removal services
  • Conform whether the collector will have the proper loading protocol
  • Check the collector will dispose of your collected rubbish