Ways to reduce food waste in restaurants

Ways to Reduce Food Waste in Restaurants

The food and beverage business sector continue to deal with the topic of food waste. Restaurants throughout the world discard tonnes of food daily. According to a survey, almost 1.3 billion tonnes of food are wasted annually throughout the world.

As of now, an increasing number of restaurants practise environmental responsibility by minimising food waste. Restaurants may achieve sustainability while also saving the environment by decreasing food waste. In the long run, the restaurant will also make more savings. This blog will cover a few ways to reduce food waste in restaurants.

Ways to reduce food waste in restaurants

Waste Audit

Waste Audit

You should have a habit of waste audits in your restaurant to avoid food waste. This is the very first type you should take if you want to minimize the waste that you are making in your restaurant.

Donate Excess Food to Charity

Food donations to charities will be more environmentally friendly than food waste. Restaurant leftovers can now be donated to a variety of charities. It is a sensible strategy for reducing food waste.

Turn Organic Waste into Composts

Food waste in restaurants is occasionally unavoidable, but that does not mean there is nothing you can do to prevent it. By composting food waste, you can improve its environmental impact. This will assist restaurants in lowering the amount of food waste dumped in landfills, which release dangerous methane gas.

Avoid Over-buying Stock

Ways to Reduce Food Waste in Restaurants - Avoid over-buying stock

Make sure to limit your purchases to the ingredients you are certain your restaurant will need. If your supplier is offering a great price, it could be tempting to “stock up” or buy in bulk, but doing so could leave you with more ingredients than you require. And if you let the food rot in storage, it will merely become waste.

Temperature Control

To avoid the formation of dangerous pathogenic microorganisms, proper temperature regulation is a must for food safety. Maintain the suitable temperature of your freezer to avoid food waste.

Anticipate the Food That Your Restaurant Needs

Consider how much food your restaurant needs to prepare in advance. Batch cooking can squander money and food in addition to saving time.

Label Your Food

Label Your Food

Your cool room should not hold any more enigmatic containers! Use professional food labels for all items and mention the dates that stock was created or opened so that staff members will know which items to use first.

Repurpose Ingredients

Work with your kitchen staff to come up with creative uses for food such as making croutons out of day-old bread otherwise, food goes to waste.

Track the Popularity of Your Dishes

Using a menu management system restaurants may identify unpopular menu items and cut down on waste. Be brutal and then take these things off your menu that are not doing well. But there is no ill will! Just a little less wasted pre-consumer food.

Keep a Stock Inventory

Keep a stock inventory

You should always be aware of the foods you have on hand to reduce waste. Keeping your inventory organised makes it much simpler to keep track of what you have got and what has to be used, reducing the accidental or deliberate disposal of unlabeled containers because you don’t know what’s inside.

Offer Takeout Containers

Make it simple for visitors to take leftover food home to reduce food waste. Encourage guests to take leftovers home in a doggie bag, and always have the right takeout containers on hand. These days, you can even find sustainable options.

Offer Staff Meals

You can offer staff meals. Of course, all restaurants have this but let them cook with ingredients that may soon spoil. This is a win-win situation, Employees are happy and you reduce the food items to going to end up in the bin.

Do Not Provide Trays if You Have Self-service Booths

When it comes to self-service booths, individuals tend to be excessively enthusiastic, which results in food waste. If we give plates to people, they are less to pick up side dishes that they cannot carry and are not able to eat.

Reducing Food Waste with Weekly Specials

Reducing Food Waste with Weekly Specials

Preparing specials using items you need to utilise before they go bad is another way to be inventive while reducing food waste. Utilize the chance to foster team culture and involve your personnel in the activity. Give an award to the chef who develops the most weekly special concepts or the waitress who sells the most specials in a single evening.


We have listed a few ways to reduce food waste in restaurants. Whatever you do sometimes you may have food waste.  If you want clear this food waste without any hassle you should seek a professional rubbish removal team. Rubbish Removal London will take care of your food waste and dispose of it properly in an environmentally friendly manner.

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