How to Dispose of a Microwave Oven?

How to Dispose of a Microwave Oven

Among the most popular e-waste items that cannot be disposed of with conventional trash are televisions and microwave ovens. Both take up a lot of room when discarded and stored in a person’s home because they are hefty as well.

The majority of people usually leave their old microwaves and televisions on the ground in the hopes that someone will find them and eventually take them up. However, there may be municipal laws and ordinances that prohibit disposing of and leaving domestic appliances in this manner.

Instead of tossing away your outdated television and microwave oven if they are still functional, consider donating them to a charity or educational institution.

Electronic waste

Instead of tossing away your old microwave oven if they are still functional, consider donating them to a charity, a school, or another group that accepts used household equipment.

Otherwise, outdated or broken televisions and microwaves should be recycled because they can no longer be used. Let’s see a few ways to dispose of a microwave oven.

Are Microwaves Recyclable?

So, can you recycle microwave ovens? Fortunately, it is possible to recycle microwave ovens. Most microwave oven related parts are easily recyclable. However, handling and recycling some inner parts, like the capacitor, can be risky.

why is recycling old microwave ovens important?

why is recycling old microwave ovens important

Buried items are prone to decomposing underground and producing hazardous chemicals and/or greenhouse gases, which greatly contribute to the growing problem of global warming. For instance, water that rinses through the hazardous substances in landfills typically contains significant amounts of ammonia and poisonous metal. It might potentially kill aquatic life if this tainted, deoxygenated water seeps into rivers and lakes in addition to affecting our water supply. So, now you have some idea of benefits of recycling.

How to Dispose of a Microwave?

1. Book an appointment with the local council pickup

The local council only accepts appointments for the collection of e-waste, such old microwave, in contrast to the regular pickup schedules for residual and recycling bins. They also follow stringent rules when it comes to this electronic waste. Only on the scheduled date are you allowed to empty it on the curb. And without prior notice, fines for illegal disposal will be assessed.

Moreover, you should stick to the limited load capacity if you intend to get rid of your other electronic goods. The collectors will deliver them to recycling or sorting facilities for processing when they have been accepted.

However, double-check and give your local council a call before scheduling a pickup because some of them can decline or not provide an e-waste collection service.

2. Home appliance repair shops

how to dispose of a microwave oven - Home appliance repair shops

You can also see if there is a nearby appliance repair shop and see if they accept broken appliances like microwaves and televisions. Some of these repair businesses are ready to accept damaged appliances, fix them, and then offer them for sale.

3. Earn through reselling the unit

You can make a few pounds by selling a microwave and its components. Microwave parts such as the metal casing, copper, internal processors, and many more will be salvaged by scrap yards.

Additionally, you can provide the unit to an individual at a fair price. Just make sure it can still be fixed and won’t hurt the person who uses it after you. To increase your marketing strength, make the most of social media and the internet.

4. Try to sell it online

Before you take your microwave to be recycled, it would be worthwhile to try to sell it online if it’s still in good condition. Since microwave ovens are frequently expensive, there is frequently a huge demand for these white items, especially if you price them fairly.

Microwave ovens must be shipped carefully since they are fragile. Therefore, as it can be dropped off or picked up instead, we advise trying to sell your microwave locally first.

5. Give it to someone in need

Give it to someone in need

Giving your old microwave oven away for free to a friend or family member who would use it is another option to get rid of it. However, how well your microwave oven is working will determine this.

6. Get a professional rubbish removal service

To have quick and hassle-free disposal of a microwave, you can always trust Rubbish Removal London. Using rubbish removal services ensures high-quality and environmentally responsible disposal. Professional will arrive at your home to sort and deposit your outdated and malfunctioning microwave in recycling facilities in accordance with government guidelines. And that contributes to a higher rate of recycling and a decrease in the amount of waste being dumped in landfills.


Your microwave can be recycled or reused in a number of ways. You can depend on council pickups, recycling facilities, scrap markets, and junk removal companies even if you can’t do it yourself. They can deliver your outdated, faulty microwave to its proper location.

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