How Much does Garden Clearance Cost?

garden clearance costs

Many homeowners find gardens to be a great source of enjoyment and relaxation. If you’re having your garden totally redone or hiring a professional to do some basic garden upkeep, you’ll need to know how much does garden clearance cost once the task is finished.

Our article will lead you through garden waste removal services, including how much garden clearance costs, what factors influence their price, how to save money, and how to get a professional to do the work for you!

Garden Clearance Cost

Companies or individuals can charge per hour, ranging from £40 to £60 on average, but as little as £15 per hour for easy jobs. Companies may charge by the load size if there is little labor involved in clearing the site and a large amount of trash, or if you have cleared the site yourself and only need them to remove the rubble and waste items. Load sizes have different costs. Remember that contractors must typically pay waste disposal expenses, which will be included in your quote, although you may be able to dispose of certain materials for free at your local tip or recycling center.

Type of Waste

Typically, there are two types of waste.

  • Organic wastes
  • In-organic wastes

The type of garden waste you want to be removed will also have an impact on the final price.

Organic Wastes

It is bio-degradable and easy to dispose of it. Lawn clippings, weeds, and tree branches are all examples of organic waste that are usually easy to gather and dispose of.

In-organic Wastes

It is not biodegradable and much work is needed to dispose of it. Non-organic garbage, such as gutter waste, wiring, plasterboard, or even hazardous waste, will be more costly to clear and dispose of because it may require a lot of work.

How Much Does Garden Clearance Cost?

garden clearance costs

The cost of garden waste removal is likely to vary based on the scale and quantity of the garden waste you require removed by the rubbish removal company. Allowing a garden to become overgrown makes clearing it more complicated and difficult. It’s more likely that the job would be charged per load in this situation. Depending on 32.5 bags of waste, the average cost of clearing an overgrown garden is £135. A cleanup business can collect green waste, and the most cost-effective method to do it is to pay a nominal fee to your local council. The average cost of green garbage pickup is £58.75, although this varies by area because each authority charges differently.

The table below shows the average costs for clearing small, medium, and large amounts of garden waste

Small £20 £75 30 minutes £95
Medium £100 £150 1 hour and 30 minutes £250
Large £150 £150 2 hours and 30 minutes £300

Garden Clearance Costs are Influenced by a Number of Factors

Understanding how so much garden clearance costs isn’t always as straightforward as a preliminary estimate, and it’s influenced by a number of significant elements. The most essential of these is time, and many of the cost-affecting elements are due to a rise in the amount of time required.

factors influences garden clearance costs

The most essential of these is time, and many of the cost-affecting elements are due to a rise in the amount of time required.

The following are some of the most typical elements that influence garden clearance costs

  • Amount
  • Type of waste
  • Access
  • Location
  • Weight


The more waste to be removed, the longer it will take, resulting in a higher hourly cost.

Type of waste

Some wastes, such as grass cuttings (which have already been picked by mowers), are straightforward to collect. Others, such as gutter waste (which may have to be unclogged or is in an inconvenient location), aren’t. As a result, garden clearance costs will be affected.


Garden clearance prices are largely influenced by where you live.


Heavier garbage, such as furniture or bricks, is more difficult to gather and will take longer to clear, resulting in higher disposal costs.

How Can you Reduce the Garden Clearance Cost?

Take a pause and consider whether it might be cheaper to undertake some aspects of the task yourself. There may be some things you could do for the price of your time that will save you money on your overall payment.

reduce the garden clearance costs

You may discover that the clearance must be done in phases and that several companies or professionals are involved, such as

  • You may either remove a neglected garden from a new place yourself by gathering and bagging the junk and taking it to a nearby recycling facility for free, or you can hire a gardening firm to do it for you. This is usually not very expensive because it isn’t true gardening and design. If you perform the labor yourself, you won’t have to pay anything except for your time, and you’ll be able to go through the garden and save any plants you want to keep.
  • This initial clearance enables you to begin a new garden makeover, and you may wish to remove some trees (depending to planning approval) – this is a professional job that not all garden removal firms can undertake.
  • After the trees have been removed or pollarded, you hire a general property and garden clearance firm to remove a pair of ancient greenhouses that have been discovered hidden beneath heaps of rubbish and ivy. Next, you decide to lose the lawn because it isn’t part of your larger plan.

Garden clearance can be done in stages with different contractors and professionals as needed, or it can be done scorched earth style. You can pay for labor by the hour or by the day, but any trash disposal costs will be added to each of these charges.

Recycling opportunities

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, so allowing visitors to take themselves to anything in the gardens before it has been professionally cleared can be an option if you can do so safely and securely – you’ll be shocked at what they’ll take. There may be plants that you don’t identify but that can be removed and relocated. Old but functional sheds and greenhouses can be really popular, especially if you really are giving them away and the potential buyer will disassemble and remove them for you – this can save you a lot of garden clearance cost.

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