Sofa removal is frequently required when moving or remodelling a property. This might be difficult at times, especially when you need to get your sofa through doorways or up and down stairs without damaging the walls or injuring yourself. We are best at providing sofa removal services in London.

Sofa Removal Services in London

You may hire a crew of couch movers to remove your old sofa and replace it with a new one. Rubbish Removal London offers experienced removal and sofa disposal services to assist put your mind at ease, whether you reside on the ground floor or the top floor.

Sofa Removal Services in london

We can assist with the removal of one or more sofas, as well as the assembly and placement of your new sofa. Simply select the date you require assistance and you are desired local, professional will come on time.

About Sofa Removal

It’s critical to properly dispose of old sofas because it’s illegal to dump garbage items like sofas on public or private property, and you might face fines of up to $5,000. Your old sofa may be taken up by your local council for a little fee.

Hassle-free Sofa Removal

It doesn’t get any easier than this when it comes to sofa removal in London! Our quick and efficient household clearance service will not only free up valuable living space but will also save you time and effort. Let us handle the heavy lifting while you relax.

We have all of the necessary tools, equipment, and vans to remove your unwanted furniture, regardless of its size.

Before we depart, we even clean up everything so you may admire the freshly liberated space and put it to better use.

Saving You Time

Why bother with sofa removal on your own when you can hire a professional? You risk injuring yourself. Instead, rely on our experts to put their knowledge to the test.

You won’t have to worry about any incidents because we’re fully insured.

Our service not only saves time and also cost-efficient.

During the Sofa Removal Process

Simply show us the sofa—or sofas that want to be removed when we arrive at your home on your scheduled appointment day.

Once you’ve given us your permission, we’ll have those sofas gone in no time. After that, you’ll love all of the newly available space.

Old Sofa Removal Service

We may be removing your old sofa as you relax with a cup of tea on your new one. We want to make our removal operation as convenient as possible for our clients, and we want to take care of the duties they’d prefer not to do themselves.

We not only remove your old sofa and any other furniture you may have, but we also ensure that they are disposed of in the most environmentally responsible manner possible.

Old Sofa Removal Service

We also deal with local furniture recycling facilities, so if the old sofa still has a few years of life left in it, we’ll find a new home for it.

Our staff are licensed and insured to handle all forms of home debris, and we’re ready to schedule a convenient time for you to dispose of your furniture now.

The easy way to get rid of old furniture near you

If you’ve set your sights on a new sofa but aren’t sure how to get rid of the old one, let our helpful furniture clearing professionals assist you.

You have the option of having us pick up your old sofa from your home or leaving it outside for us to take at a time that is convenient for you.

In any case, you can rest assured that your sofa, armchairs, and any other goods you have for us will be picked up promptly and the area will be left clean and clear.

Sofa Recycling

Sofas are notoriously difficult to recycle, and recycling your sofa can often cost more than simply throwing it away, so choosing the right operator is crucial.

However, in order to comprehend the sofa recycling dynamic, we must first consider what constitutes a sofa.

A standard sofa may have a variety of materials and components, many of which are inseparable thanks to contemporary production techniques.

Sofa Recycling

Velcro cover fasteners, fabric or suede covers, steel support rods, metal springs, timber frames, plastic webbing, iron staples, wheels, and foam filling/padding are some of the elements and components found in a couch.

Manually dismantling these sofas is time-consuming and not currently financially viable. This implies that in many situations, sofa recycling entails shredding as well as mechanical separation and sorting, which necessitates the use of costly plants and gear.

Residual garbage from couches, which can’t be segregated into specific waste streams, can be incinerated or converted into resource derived fuel (RDF), which, while better than landfill, is still at the bottom of the waste hierarchy.

Local Authority and Council Collectors

Almost all councils provide bulky rubbish collection, albeit the amount of service and cost varies greatly depending on where you reside.

Birmingham, for example, charges £25 for up to three things, while Waverley Council charges £44 for one.

Because the service is subsidized, the Local Authority / Council option is usually the most cost-effective, however, it is not always very flexible or convenient.

The price varies depending on the stuff you want to get rid of and where you live.

Because few councils would collect from within the property and hours are rarely stated, you will most likely need to place the goods outdoors early in the morning on the day specified.

Lead times are normally 2-4 weeks, but they can vary.

How much does sofa removal cost in London?

Among the various removal companieswe offer the most affordable service.

Item Price Quantity
Armchair £20.00 1
2-seater £30.00 1
3-seater/sofa Bed £40.00 1
4 Seater/Corner £50.00 1


The cost of collecting a sofa for affordable disposal usually ranges from £20 to £60. The final cost is determined by the sofa’s size, whether it can be reused or resold, and the amount of labor required to remove it. Cheaper sofa disposal fees are frequently due to the fact that the furniture piece can be reused, and thus the collector incurs no disposal costs.

Note that prices listed with an asterisk contain 20% VAT, which you might have claimed back if you’re a VAT-registered company

At a cost of £40 plus the call-out fee, we can also remove couch beds or recliners.

How much does sofa removal cost in London

Sofa removal costs in London vary significantly depending on the distance travelled, additional service requests made, and the type of furniture being removed.

In most circumstances, we can remove your unwanted sofas on the same day, and you may place your order at any time using our convenient online booking tool.

You can send us an email or give one of our experienced agents a call on 0203 105 7533 for a preliminary estimate of sofa clearance cost.

Price may vary you reach us out to know the exact price for the service.