It’s always a good idea to replace an old mattress with a new one. However, you don’t have room for the old mattress in your cellar or attic. Or you want to get rid of it as quickly as possible, but the mattresses are too large and heavy to do so.

Mattress Disposal & Removal In London

The first thought that comes to mind is a simple question: how and where should the old mattress be disposed of? Rubbish Removal London is a fantastic mattress collecting and disposal service that provides you with a cost-effective and dependable bed and mattress removal option. We can assist you in the disposal of mattresses of various sizes, such as single, double, and king-size mattresses.

Old Mattress Removal 

Unless you are disabled and require further assistance, councils usually collect outside from your home. Lewisham (which offers internal collections but not from upper-floor flats) and Wandsworth (which charges £89 for an internal service) are the only two exceptions.

In London, the average response time for bulky rubbish collection given by the council is two weeks. However, wait periods vary greatly, with some councils claiming to be able to collect within seven days and others claiming to take more than a month.

Mattress removal by London Council

Response times can also vary based on the season, as some months are busier than others. Some councils collect bulky waste on certain days based on when your usual bin collection day is – for example, bulky waste collections in Havering take place the day after your regular household refuse collection.

Mattress recycling

You can also recycle your mattress by taking it to a recycling centre. This is significantly more environmentally friendly than putting it in a landfill. Check to discover if your local recycling centre accepts mattresses for recycling. This can be done for free if you can transport it yourself. If you don’t, your local government could charge you a little fee to collect it.

Mattresses’ foam may be easily recycled. It can either be baled and sent off to generate energy or repurposed as industrial carpet underlay.

How much does mattress removal cost?

How much does mattress removal cost

The removal cost is usually between £20 and £50. (including VAT). The size and weight of the mattresses (singles, doubles, or king-sized), its state (very fine clean ones will get picked very inexpensively, and some will even be reused), how quickly and when it needs to be picked up, and where it is on the property all influence the price.

Mattress Type High (in £) Low (in £)
Single mattress 10 40
Double mattress 20 55
Two single mattress 25 60
Small double mattress 20 65
King size mattress 40 70

Price may differ, better you should contact the firm to confirm.

Disposal your Old mattress for free

There are a few ways to dispose of your old mattress in London.

  • Giving Away an Old Mattress
  • Selling your mattress

Giving Away an Old Mattress

Giving Away an Old Mattress

Another free mattress disposal option is to simply give it away. The mattress could be acceptable for use by someone in need based on its shape.

Selling your mattress

If your mattress is in good shape, selling it is an easy solution for getting rid of it. Start with websites like Gumtree, Preloved, eBay, and Shpock. If you’re unsure, price your mattress at around 20% to 30% of its original price to ensure a sale.

Using a mattress disposal service

Finally, the most expedient approach to dispose of your old mattress is to hand it over to a firm that is an expert in this industry. The NBF estimated that between 2016 -2017, there are 6,720,00 mattresses had been thrown out around. Better handle the job to the team who is expert in this field. Yeah, you’re right your correct choice is Rubbish Removal London.