Things You Did not Know You Could Recycle

Things You Did not Know You Could Recycle

One of the most significant things that regular people can do to lessen their carbon footprint, prevent landfill expansion, and safeguard the environment is recycling. The UK wants to recycle 50% of all its trash. We only recycle 44.3% of our waste as of the year 2017. We have only grown by 3.9% over the past 8 years, which implies that as a country, we are not on track to meet our goal.

Recycling is a crucial environmental technique that has a lot of benefits. This is a thing that safeguards the future at the same time. I hope most people might benefit from knowing this information. In this blog, we are going to see a few things that you could recycle which may you have not thought of it before.

Things You Did not Know You Could Recycle


Things You Did not Know You Could Recycle - Crayons

Even though they are small, those crayons are quickly filling up our landfills. Crayons are thrown away more than 500,000 pounds annually. Crayons do not biodegrade, therefore the waxy sludge they produce poses a significant landfill concern. Crayons can be melted down and remanufactured it.


Some businesses refurbish used eyeglasses and distribute them to individuals in need. Prescription glasses and reading glasses can also be donated.

Bubble wrap

Many people may be surprised to learn that bubble wrap is completely recyclable. However, many municipalities will not pick it up at the curbside with the rest of your recycling.

At approved recycling locations, you can recycle bubble wrap. Use the internet to discover the closest bin. Before delivering them, be sure to remove any sticky tape from the bubble wrap.

Old DVDs

Old DVDs

Old DVDs are recyclable waste but do not disposed of with the rest of your household rubbish. These DVDs can be recycled as well. These materials are used by a variety of manufacturers. They can be combined with other elements to create a variety of things.

Cigarette Butts

Currently, some businesses will accept cigarette butts and separate them into their individual and relevant components, such as paper, tobacco, plastic, etc. Find out whether there is a business in your area that provides this service by calling around.



Additionally, you might consider visiting your neighbourhood store to see if they recycle batteries. There are nationwide battery recycling programmes that are available to both people and corporations, as well as recycling facilities for used batteries.

Energy-efficient light bulbs

Using energy-efficient lightbulbs is an environmentally good choice. However, these bulbs are also recyclable! They must undergo processing in order to be recycled because they are made of a variety of materials.


Hairdryers typically last for a long time, but what do you do with the old one when it’s time to replace it? Send them to a local waste recycling center.

Ink/toner cartridges

Ink - toner cartridges

Every year, around 350 million ink cartridges are disposed of in landfills. That much waste might easily be prevented. Instead, consider investing in a printer cartridge refill kit or simply locating a drop-off location for these products.

Coffee cups

Less than 1% of the disposable coffee cups that are used in the UK each day are recycled. The waterproof plastic covering prevents them from being recycled with cardboard and paper collections.

No chain of coffee shops in the UK presently provides 100% recyclable cups. There is still hope, though, since McDonald’s and Costa Coffee recycle paper cups in-store and accept any brand.

However, using a reusable cup is the greatest way to continue being environmentally conscious while sipping your morning coffee.


According to a report, 40,000 tonnes of carpet are discarded each year in the UK. It may be challenging to recycle carpets due to their complex composition of components and fibres. On the other hand, every component of the carpet may be recycled.



Did you realise that the world still contains every toothbrush you have ever used? Toothbrushes take hundreds of years for plastic to completely degrade. Use the recycling centre to recycle your toothbrushes. Some companies are working with Colgate to recycle all dental care items, including plastic floss and toothpaste tubes.

Running Shoes

Running shoes lose their quality after a certain amount of time, and you must replace them. Contact organisations like the nonprofit Running World or put the worn-out pair in a Goodwill bag rather than letting them rot in the closet. In some circumstances, businesses use old shoes to create playgrounds, running tracks, and basketball courts.


Nearly everything we consume can be recycled if you look around. Most of the stuff won’t pay you much, but with a little work, you can keep it out of our overflowing landfills. All you need to do is call or mail Rubbish Removal London to get rid of the waste from your office or home.


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