How much does Garage Clearance Cost?

garage clearance cost

In London, we are the garage clearance experts. In London, and the nearby region, our garage cleaning crews can provide a complete garage removal service. We can remove all of your personal belongings, furniture, rugs, white home appliances, electronic components, clutter, debris, and garbage from your garage.

Hundreds of satisfied customers have entrusted their garage clearances to Rubbish Removal London.  We ensure that you will receive excellent service to customers. Our consumers have given us a perfect score of 99 percent.

Our personnel is qualified and experienced garage clearance operatives with the skills, expertise, and experience to rapidly and professionally empty your garage.

We can supply you with a garage clearance service that meets your needs. We are the crew to call whenever you need to know how much does garage clearance cost and make space in your garage that has been piled high with clutter for years.

How much does Garage Clearance Cost?

It’s a great deal of work to do it all by yourself! It’s heavy, filthy, and time-consuming, and now is the time to call us! Our crew will clear out the garage, giving you more space for your car or other essential goods. We can handle any type of garage rubbish and can provide full or partial garage waste disposal, depending on your requirements.

Our garbage collector also does garden clearance and costs are reasonable. If the amount of garbage is large, we will provide a larger van and an extra hand; you will not be billed for the extra help; you will only be charged for the amount of junk removed from the garage. Something more to consider when hiring a man and garage truck service in your area!


Items From (in £)
Extra small clearance (250kg max, ¼ van load) 80
Small clearance (500kg max, ½ van load) 175
Medium clearance (750kg max, ¾ van load) 250
Large clearance (1,000kg max, full van load) 320


Additional Items From (in £)
TVs and monitors 15
Pianos 100
Large fridge freezer 95
Small fridge freezer 50
Matters 20
Small electrical items (kettle, toaster, iron, etc.) 5


You’ll probably be charged an extra clearance fee of roughly £15 per item for TVs and monitors. The cost of clearing a fridge or freezer varies depending on its size; a small fridge or freezer will cost roughly £50, while a large fridge freezer will cost around £95.

You’ll nearly probably have to pay more than that if you’re getting rid of mattresses, and you should expect to pay roughly £20 per mattress on top of the usual home and garage clearance costs.

Kettles, irons, and toasters, for example, are frequently subject to a small extra charge of roughly £5 per item. The cost of the house clearance is nearly the same.

Factors that influence the garage clearance cost

When looking at garage clearance prices, there are a few things to keep in mind.

These are some of them:

  • Quantity of clearance items
  • The various types of goods
  • Where do you reside?

Quantity of clearance items

The price of disposals depends on the quantity of the item which you need to remove from your garage. If you need to remove more items then the cost might differ.

The Various types of goods

There are a lot of different types of waste and the price of disposals also depends on the type of item which you need to remove from your garage. Electronic wastes costs may differ compared to others.

garage clearance cost - type of waste

Where do you reside

Price is also different if you are living in an interior area. Traveling to your place takes time and the cost of vans and labor might extra.

Things you should check before garage clearance

  • Speak with a few clearance specialists to get competent advice and accurate bids for the process.
  • Request a detailed cost breakdown, including any additional costs for specialty items.
  • Always hire a professional with relevant experience and a proven track record.


Our experienced garage clearance crews are prepared with everything needed to move heavy and large undesired items, as well as all the gear necessary to clear the space and extra workers if the task is enormous. Rubbish Removal London is one of the best rubbish removal companies in the town. All you’ve to do is contact us on 0203 105-7533 or mail us at  to know garage clearance cost and we’ll take care of the rest! We are a hardworking group, and we will complete all of the tasks to perfection.

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