How to Dispose of an Old Printer?

How to Dispose of an Old Printer?

Undoubtedly, you already know how difficult printer disposal may be if you have ever tried it. They can be highly heavy, placing you at risk for accidents related to heavy lifting.

Even if removing the printer from the property is not a problem, you still must worry about how to properly dispose of it because printers need specialised recycling and cannot be thrown away with regular trash. The good news is that there is an efficient, painless, moral, and ethical way to get rid of your printer. Let’s see the methods of disposing of your old office printer in this blog.

Understanding the Importance of Safe Disposal

Just the ink and toner cartridges for printing have several hazardous substances. The printed circuits, plastic housing, and other items also cause a threat to the environment.

Since most states are aware of this, they have tight laws against the disposal of printers. According to Business News Daily, large organisations have been punished and fined over the years when they discovered the improper disposal of printers.

The materials used in a typical printer can typically be utilised again in some capacity. The tiniest adjustments in your business practises having a significant impact on the planet at large as the world struggles with climate change.

How to Dispose of an Old Printer?

Recycling Center

Recycling has lot of benefits and it is more important than we think. Dropping off your printer at a nearby big box retailer is an easy way to recycle it. Some companies might even provide a pickup service for your outdated tech. You will need to hunt for other solutions if there are no nearby stores that accept printers. Most towns have e-waste recycling facilities, which are a fantastic method to make sure you can get rid of your electric items properly.

How to Dispose of an Old Printer - Recycling Center

The final resort is to make direct phone contact with the printer’s maker if there is nowhere nearby where you can recycle your printer. Many electronics producers provide recycling services. Larger businesses may even provide a buy-back or upgrade programme.


Donating a functional printer is an additional choice. Manufacturers like HP and Xerox will accept donations of working printers, which they then give to the  a charity that distributes secondhand equipment to help disadvantaged children and individuals with disabilities. Working printers can be donated to Goodwill and other secondhand resale stores.

Should You Sell Your Printer?

You may be able to recover part of your investment in an outdated printer by selling it. Sadly, printer demand has decreased, so before attempting to sell your printer, you should first assess its value. More valuable features include things like wireless printing and multifunction devices with scanners and fax machines.

Should You Sell Your Printer

Selling your printer should not be a problem if it includes one of these qualities. Find out how much your printer is selling for on the secondary market to assess whether it is worthwhile for you to try to sell it.

It’s time to decide where to sell your printer once you’ve established that it is worth some money. Finding a local refurbishment website or business is the simplest way to sell your printer.

Tips for Getting Rid of Your Printer

Whatever you decide to do with your old printer, there are a few things to keep in mind. When getting rid of your old printer, follow these guidelines to keep yourself and your data secure:

  • Wireless or Wi-Fi printers can retain information like email addresses or network details. In order to prevent this information from falling into the wrong hands, make sure to reset a printer to its factory settings.
  • Memory card ports and other detachable storage options are common in contemporary printers. Make sure to take out any memory cards or flash drives before disposing of your printer.
  • Some printers can also function as scanners. Verify again to be sure there are no papers or documents still within the machine.
  • Some localities have laws in place that make it unlawful to dump a printer in the usual trash. Make sure you are familiar with any local laws. Getting rid of your device properly could spare you from pesky fees and penalties.


Printer dumping is wasteful and depending on where you live, it may even be against the law. It is simple to dispose of a printer properly. Your printer does not need to take up space in a landfill or sit around collecting dust. By recycling, donating, or selling your old printers, you can get the most value out of them.

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